My Story


Hi, I'm Tara Lett

I teach recording artists how to achieve new levels of creativity, passion, and success. I am a music biz strategist and the founder of The Artist Revolution Studio. I work with female recording artists who are ready to propel their music careers to A-list Diva status. I help you to ditch the overwhelm and provide moral support to ignite or re-ignite that creative flame! I am your sounding board, your secret weapon, and your cheerleader. My mission is to organize, strategize and monetize your music!

My extensive experience as a performer, vocalist, songwriter, and label service & recording studio owner allows me to give you well-rounded guidance and tools to seriously up-level your music career! I’ve recorded multiple albums, written with and for recognized artists, had national radio play, film&tv song placements, run numerous successful events and performed extensively as a singer & dancer.

Working with dozens upon dozens of artists, I’ve seen the personal struggles that hold us back from achieving our full potential. I’ve seen artists let their egos get in the way, have their self-confidence disappear at a crucial moment, or let feuds between band members and partners destroy their careers. I’ve also experienced these difficulties first hand. Many of us have an idea that the music industry is unattainable, and as a result, self-defeating behaviours pop up when we are finally living our dreams or are within reach of our goals.

If you want to by-pass the heartache or you have reached the top only to hit the bottom again - I want to help you re-ignite that fire and get you back where you belong in your area of genius living your true purpose in life!

I teach artists how to achieve the seemingly unattainable balance where business, music, and soul come together to create a perfect harmony. I’m basically low-key obsessed with cracking the code of this crazy beautiful music business... and I know from reading one too many musician bios that every icon followed a unique path to success! This industry is NOT one size fits all - so we will tailor the perfect package to suit your needs. I'll share my strength, experience, and hope (and give you tons of tangible tools!!!) so that you can ignite your creativity, blaze your own true path and skip the dead-ends and rock-bottoms.

Are you ready to set your career on fire and enjoy new levels of fulfillment and success? if so, join the revolution here!



My Story as an Artist

You don’t need to compromise yourself to gain your career.

Picture this: I was performing at the hottest venues in town and owned a prestigious label service & recording studio. I had a ton of HOT friends and we could get into any nightclub for free. My career was exactly how I imagined it. I was being hired regularly by the city's who's who to perform at amazing galas, awards shows, events, and presidents clubs, I even got hired by BMW! I was dancing at the HOTTEST nightclubs for the BEST DJ’s (Uhm Calvin Harris, Hellooo!) Oh, and not to mention my latest singles got air-time on national radio, Degrassi TNG, and the CW Network. I was flying super high on ego but somehow my soul was running on empty.

I had it “all” and then as quickly as you can say “she’s so hot right now,” life as I knew it had vanished. I had pinned myself into a corner – I was deep in debt from an insanely high overhead business, post-traumatic stress from surrounding myself with narcissists and controlling business partners, exhaustion from ZERO self-care and the absolute lack of knowledge of the word “NO”. I was disillusioned and I lost my perspective on what's important in my life. I finally turned inwards and could not deny it was my lack of having a sense of self-worth that was my #1 culprit - in other words - ME. I quit the business, changed my phone number, got rid of my Facebook (seriously!) and decided that music wasn’t for me. PERIOD.

Fast-forward to two years later. I’m lying on the nursery floor of my 4-month-old son's room as he FINALLY napped- I have not slept longer than 30 minutes in a row for several days. I had no career and was still dealing with PTSD from my business gone wrong. I had spent the better part of the year worrying whether or not I should give my music career another try. Would it just eat me alive again? What would everyone think? What if it didn’t work out? In this otherwise unspectacular moment of exhaustion, I realized I can’t quit now after all I’ve been through - I KNOW I was meant to do this.


Ok now stay with me.... let's rewind a few years… I'm in grade 12 hanging with my BFF in her Chevy Cavalier, I looked over to her and said “ I wish I could be a singer- but everyone wants to do that,” she replied, “UMMM no…. no, they don’t- I DON’T want to be a singer.” I was dumbfounded. “Are you effing serious, you don’t?” Then she said, “OMG Tara if you’re really that shocked that someone else wouldn’t want to be a singer– that means you really must want to do it.” She was right. Do you know what I mean? Loving music so much you can’t imagine doing anything else, or anyone else wanting to for that matter?

Bringing it back to the present moment again... I took a giant leap of faith and stepped out of my comfort to make positive changes in my life. I started out by hiring a business coach to get me out of my rut and back where I belonged in my industry of passion and my true calling, and it's the best choice I could have made. Seriously. My business coach gave me the mentorship and support I needed to re-ignite my passions and self-worth! I am now fiercely protective of my energy and what serves my highest purpose. My self-care is permanently built into my schedule. I dance, do yoga, meditate daily, do songwriting sessions, play live gigs, and live my creative life with more joy and freedom than I could ever imagine all on my own schedule!

I now realize you need a strong foundation to build all those wonderful opportunities on, and I want to share that with female recording artists who want to achieve balance, self-care, and success. I'm here to tell Women who are being controlled or in unhealthy situations, who are afraid to say no and who are willing to compromise everything just to go after their music dreams or get a shot in the industry- that they can do better! You don’t need to compromise yourself to achieve your career goals. I'm here to guide you with all the business savvy necessities like administration, copyrights, and contracts. We will design a plan to organize your crazy busy gig schedule, get you more gigs and up-level your performing and recording career with a major focus on self-care. Join me in the revolution! For your free training and discovery call connect below.

Keep singing your beautiful song,



Tara Lett