Capturing Creativity: How To Stay Inspired On A Schedule


Is it just me or does anyone else ever have random bursts of creative ideas at the most inconvenient times? Right as you’re about to fall asleep (and get a full eight hours) a melody memorizes your brain that you have hum into a voice memo. Or what about when you hear a unique phrase spoken and have no choice but to excuse yourself from the conversation to jot it down in your smart phone or on a napkin. You’ve been there too? Phew, glad I have some company.

No matter how or when inspiration hits, we can tend to rely too much on those random moments to keep our creative juices flowing, when in reality, creativity should be treated like another muscle in our body.

I’m not one for early morning gym sessions (I’m a night owl at heart and a snooze button connoisseur), but if I know I have a jam packed day and night, making the time for a even a quick work out is a priority of mine to benefit my overall health. The same should apply for creativity; I love feeling like a magician when I least expect it, but more often than not, songwriting, practicing and brainstorming sessions should feel like work.


Dedicating a few minutes out of the day to be productive makes a difference in improving your brand and helps your mind get into a creative routine; Whether it’s jotting down concepts and titles in between shifts, practicing on your instrument before bed or brainstorming marketing/touring ideas during lunch, any kind of progress is still, progress.  The key here is not to get too comfortable while performing these tasks. If you’ve done the same practice scale for years, try switching it up by learning a solo or vocal run from a New Music Friday artist on Spotify or take a stroll down memory lane to what first sparked your musical inspiration. Read up on some upcoming entrepreneurs in different businesses to think outside the box for your marketing plan. Pick up a book, newspaper or tablet, flip to a random page and see what cool phrases, quotes or images inspire you.





Creative working spaces are also a major factor to consider changing up when you’re in a rut. Working in your pj’s is an underrated luxury like no other, but sometimes being comfy and cozy can be your weakest ally. Next time you’re in need of new inspiration, try taking a walk in the park, going to a different coffee shop on the other side of town or finding other local spots to people watch.

If an exercise seems easy, your muscles are not being used to their maximum potential and your brain works the same way; don’t fall into that trap in your creative work! Creativity is all about pushing beyond the “writer’s block” by using a routine and hints of spontaneity to keep your brain on edge.

Life comes with curveballs, but self-accountability is crucial and if you’re reading this, you most certainly hold yourself to high standards already (gives virtual high-five). Now, get out there and create some musical magic… on a schedule.